Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh squirrels

As some of you may know, I've been having squirrel problems. I almost had an anxiety attack one day because I heard one ripping away at the ceiling in my kitchen closet. I was surprised that the squirrel never broke in.
I've called the owners and maintenance about this and they said they would fix the problem. They said they would patch up the hole that is outside by my window that they get into the attic from. This was a few weeks ago.
Monday Riley and I were cleaning up the kitchen because I was going to buy a table to cut on and I needed the room. We were throwing extra stuff in my kitchen closet. When we opened up the closet I stood there in shock. My egg crate in there was ALL RIPPED UP. Then I asked Riley to look for confirmation. Was that a giant hole in there looking at me? I suppose that day I freaked out because they were breaking in they really did, they just didn't come into my apt, only the closet and stole some egg crate!!
Yesterday I was making owl snugglies when I heard them running around. No big deal. Until I heard one make his squirrely sound and that was waaaay too close and loud for me. I assume he was sitting pretty in the closet. So I called the owner. The guy who was suppose to patch up the hole outside didn't because he didn't have a big enough latter! He said he would get to it today and also fix the hole in my closet. Did they come today? Of course not.

I wanted to take a picture of the ripped egg crate and closer view of the hole but when we opened the closet we heard them moving and we freaked out. We are wusses.


  1. lmfao.
    we always hear scratching on the roof.
    mostly over the bed and sometimes in the kitchen.
    i hope no critters break in!

  2. Have you tried any squirrel exclusion techniques? maybe try an ultrasonic device or something? Good luck