Thursday, February 7, 2008

a mixture of medicine is ruining my life

Ok, that title is a little dramatic.
I'm on two prescription medicines and then I've been taking other over the counter medicines to care for my fever, headache, and sneezing. When I notice bits of paper and other things formulating around the house I get claustophobic and trash it all (it is trash anyway). So yesterday I had that moment and trashed all paper in my house that I thought was trash.
It wasn't until today that I realized what I did.
Where is my check?!
Yesterday I got a check from one of my boutiques I sell at and I had put the envelope on my computer desk, where I put all my important things. This morning, it is not there. I immediately know what I did and I dig through my trash can. Nothing. Shit. Riley through out some trash last night. Shit, shit, shit!
Riley accompanies me to the dumpster in front of the apt and...IT IS EMPTY. I tear up. How could I be so stupid. Damn flu.

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