Sunday, March 9, 2008

i almost had a doggie

Today is such a beautiful day!! Riley and I went on a hunt for houses earlier today and as we were driving in a neighborhood looking for "for rent" signs we noticed a bright sign that read FREE PUPPIES. We slowly drove by and saw 2 puppies running in the grass. Were those beagle puppies?! AH! I drove to the end of the block and riley and I started contemplating if we wanted a beagle puppy!! We had said if we ever got a dog (we are allergic to cats and dogs) we would get a beagle. Was this our chance?! I drove all the way around the block thinking about it and by the time we came back to the house I found us parking and getting out of the car.
It was a boy and a girl, 7 weeks old. And they were walker hounds. I didn't know much about walker hounds other than they look like beagles! I held the boy and riley held the girl and we were in love. Then we were shown the mom. SHE WAS HUGE. They said the girl will get about that size and the boy will, of course, be larger. My heart fell because I knew I couldn't have that large of dog. Plus, my heart is set on a beagle. I was sad, but I know this is for the best.
I want this beagle puppy :(


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