Sunday, July 27, 2008

decorate my wall

I move back home to Stillwater soon! We still have some decorating to do.
There's an empty wall in the living room that I want to cover with indie artist prints from etsy. When I went to etsy to start my search, it was a bit overwhelming. I have 3 artist that I know for sure that I'm buying from but after that I'm lost.
So, please comment me your links of great etsy shops with prints I need to check out!

I leave you with little hoozer in a donut. It makes a comfy seat for him.


  1. My mom is an artist on etsy...not sure if you would call her indie though...but I am only familiar with indie music ^_-

  2. sorry i almost didn't see your comment in my thread on etsy.

    i want to move, how fun it is to be able to decorate new walls.

    o laughed at owl in the donut hole.

  3. That is the cutest little owl! I just love his eyes. You are very talented :)

  4. I have a few ideas for you, only because this is what i'm getting...

    First, these prints are so cool. And yes they are prints, I thought they were real 3-d pictures. Bear with me... I want to get a set of three of these pictures.

    Next you could definately go with a wall decal...I'm thinking about something like this for my bedroom or living room

    I have all these wants because I just bought a new house ready to decorate.

  5. this image is killer, so cute! love those little yetis too...

    if you like something bright and bird related have a look at my blog -- i'm doing a giveaway of my latest print!