Wednesday, August 6, 2008

robot wednesday

Is it already wednesday?! No!! My time in Tulsa is almost over!
What I'm happy to go home to is the love of my life, my friends, and my craft room!
Today I made robots!

Meet Jack.
He has a heart of gold.
He's a fantastic listener.
He loves to dance.
Donuts are his weakness.

Meet Barnaby! (on the left)
He's Jack best buddy.
He's shy.
He loves mexican food.
He enjoys dark roast coffee in the morning.

They can be found at Dwelling Spaces later this week!

I plan on yetis being in the shop within 2 weeks! Hopefully!


  1. Awesome, I love their teeth. It looks like they're cheesin'- robot style. So cute!

  2. hehe... robots are always great. and yetis are, too! :)

  3. You're doing such a great job! I love your new products!

  4. Your Robot look so great!


  5. OMG, love them! Does the door in their chest open too? That would be sweet!

    ...But then, I guess the stuffing would fall out, LOL!