Sunday, August 3, 2008

there are kind people out there

This weekend I went to Stillwater to drop off some of my things because I'll be leaving Tulsa in a week!! :( I'm super sad about leaving Tulsa. I've enjoyed my stay here to the max! Do people say to the max anymore? No? Ok. I've met a ton of amazing people and I've truly learned so much from my internship at Dwelling Spaces. Not just about running a boutique but I've learned a lot about myself. It has been an amazing experience. And I'll definitely be making trips back to visit!
Anyways! I went to Stillwater to find a package awaiting me! It was from Dee, an awesome etsy buyer which I had the pleasure in working with earlier this summer. She had sent me a package!! That gesture melted my heart. I opened up the box to find this amazing present inside!!!

It's a cupcake sewing basket!!!! I was super excited about this!! I teared up a bit. I opened up the sewing basket to find candy and owl earrings! And then I read the sweetest card she left! You guessed it, I cried! I tend to cry when I'm overwhelmed. And since I was overwhelmed with happiness/excitement I cried a little! haha

Best surprise ever!! And I needed a new sewing basket because the handle broke on mine. So, I'm so grateful and happy to have this awesome one in my life!! She's definitely getting a Christmas present from stelabird!!
This gesture definitely made my year. Thanks Delora!!! You Rock!!!!


  1. Holy crap, that is the coolest present ever! I would cry happy tears too, what a cool thing for her to do. See, people appreciate having sweet people like you in their lives!

  2. Heck, it's making me cry just reading this. What a perfect Bon Voyage for your next adventure. This made my day :-)

  3. That's fantastic! Love the cupcake, how cute is that!?!

  4. What a sweetheart! Happy tears are a good thing!

  5. What an awesome gift! Where can I get one?