Friday, August 22, 2008

meowzers! I can't think of a title

Yesterday Riley and I started our day with some antique shopping. We were boiling over with excitement and couldn't wait to see what we could discover there. Once we got there we walked around slowly looking at everything we could. We especially had an eye out for porcelain type trinkets to decorate a shelf with. What did we find? Nothing. We were super bummed. I did however come across a spool holder exactly like mine that I found at a garage sale for $5.

But my spool holder's twin at the antique shop was $45. That's correct. $45.
We ended up at Hobby Lobby and bought some 50% off frames.

Our plan was to get these frames and paint them all white and place them on our back wall of the living room.

And simply enough, we did just that.

I also received my sparrow salt & pepper shakers yesterday from Patina! I'm so in love with them.

In stelabird news, I finished up my custom orders and have now moved on to filling up my boutiques! finally!! I'm currently making owl snugglies and I've even added some colored ones to the mix. We'll see how it goes. I'll post pictures of them once they are complete. I also bought brown fur because I have little big foots on my mind. I've been hearing about that big foot hoax and how that man got fired from the police force. Little big foot calls me. I would call him little foot but that just makes me think of The Land Before Time. Movie made me cry. Anyways, tonight I get to see my boy in action: Mayola is playing tonight at Joe's in Stillwater. And tomorrow I help my sissy move into her new apt. in OKC.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The Land Before Time is one of my families favorite movies! Did you know they made like 13 of them??? No really they did!

    You could call him "little Big Foot"

    the frames on your back wall look great!. Why didn't I think of that?

  2. I like the frames! Your home is turning out to be very beautiful (and I love that spool makes me a little jealous!!)

  3. i want that spool rack! too bad it was $45..I can hammer a ton of nails into a board and call that a spool rack i guess.

  4. Wow I am astounded at how awesome those frames look. I would have never thought of doing that, where did you get the idea? Probably from that crafty little brain of yours, I'm sure! Either way, it looks so very cool. Good job!

    And I'll be all over some little big foots. That was so grammatically wrong, but oh well.

  5. Awesome frame art on your wall!! I'm loving those salt and pepper shakers...I'm off to check out Patina's shop!

  6. those S % P shakers are just beautiful! and I love what you have done with the wall!

  7. I love that frame idea. It looks fantastic!

    I'm really loving your blog too :) Will link!

  8. Oh wow!
    Great finds!
    I love the spool rack, and I think I might steal your empty frames idea for my empty apartment. ;)

  9. i'm going to have to come check out this sweet pad this weeekend. i'll be in town for the whole thing (monday, too). you will be in town, yes? i need a craft lesson. can you help? no? maybe? jeff wants to start making zombie dolls, and i want to help him. yes? plus we need to get coffee or something of the sort.

  10. My friend Christa is setting up a shop called furberger -

    She doesn't have all her stuff up just yet, but she's going to have a bunch of fur. She can be your fur supplier if you decide you love the big foots.