Tuesday, September 2, 2008

nothing that love, chocoloate and laughs can't fix

I won't get too much into this but let's just say I had a bad day. It didn't help that I wasn't feeling "right" mentally. After work I knew I had to find my comfort zone otherwise I would be in my crazy daze all night! So first thing I did was pick up Riley and head to the grocery store. On my comfort list: cucumbers, lemons, chocolate cupcakes, fudge rounds and milk. My all time comfort snack are cucumbers in squeezed lemon juice with salt. yummmm. Then we returned home and I changed into pjs, ate all my fatty foods, took medicine and we watched several episodes of The Office. I feel "normal" again.

How do you get into your comfort zone?

Here are some "behind the scenes" photos of yesterday's video shoot with the yetis & little bigfoots!!


  1. cute! Thanks for the comment on my blog! The contest goes on every month so you didn't miss out!


  2. He, he. What we'll do for our ETSY shops, right!

    Staging and taking the pictures is sooooo important to get right.

    Good luck, they are adorable.

  3. Very cute Yetis! I know I probably spelled that wrong lol.

    I agree with the title too..love, chocolate, and laughs does a lot when you are upset. My hubby is my daily de-stresser!

  4. I'm going to the Post office and the grocery store and plan to gte some comfort foods myself. I love cucumbers in Greek salad and eat that usually several times a week, but I think for me the spicy stuff in there and the feta cheese is what I like the most.

    I kind of wish you had "gone into" it more because it left me feeling like there was a big gap between what happened to make you so upset and how you dealt with it; not enough information.

    Currently, I'm trying to share more about myself in my blog. That was my intention when I started it; to get into deep thoughts, ideas, experiences; an inside look into the life of an artist but going further than the art itself, pretty much uncensored, but for a year or so I didn't have the courage to do that. I think having started to do that shows me as a more three dimensional person than when I was not and overall has been a positive experience.

  5. Love your blog, will be viseting often:)

  6. I absolutely love your baby yetis, Stela! There's a play I love called "On the Verge" where these Victorian lady explorers meet a baby yeti that tries to scare them. Your little guys make me thing of it.


  7. Ooooh, they are so cute!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

  8. Im sorry you had a bad day! Chocolate anything is on my list of comfort foods ;) I've been addicted to the mexican chocolate drink "Abuelitas" recently...ah, the ultimate comfort food!~
    Those yettis (yetti? yettus?) are adorable! Do you have them down at dwelling spaces?

  9. cucumbers and lemons!? wow i'll have to try that. my comfort zone is definitely wine and crocheting! your art is so fun! i love it!

  10. love the photo shoot! I am now smiling.

  11. lol aww! those guys are so cute! I want a yeti! I do the same thing when I*m stressed. Yours if the office & mine is House. lol I*m glad you feel better.

  12. cucumbers-lemon-whaa?

    You'd better blog about that specifically, I need to see what you're talking about. Comfort food that is healthy? I dunno.

    I LOVE the behind the scenes. Next I'm sure we’ll be watching the bloopers. You crack me up.

  13. hahah I think the only downfall with my sliced cucumbers with lemon juice is that I add TONS of salt. It's super sour but it's soooo good. But it's not good for the teeth because of all the lemon. haha so I only treat myself every now and then.

  14. That sounds like a fun night!! Boyfriends are capable of working wonders when it comes to lifting spirits.

    My comfort zone definitely involves pj's too. Soft, worn-in pj's. The rest of the equation consists of brewing a fresh pot of coffee, curling up on the couch with a blanket, coaxing one of the kitties to come sit in my lap, putting on a movie/picking up a book, and burning some plant matter. If ya smell what I'm steppin' in. And there we have it, my perfect way to wind down.