Thursday, September 4, 2008

the sun is shining and I'm not melting

I love Thursdays!!
No work, no classes, just me & my creations! I should be preparing for a presentation I have to give tomorrow but that just doesn't sound as much fun as making things, taking pictures and blogging. Will I regret this decision? Who knows, stay tuned to find out!
Today I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some fleece and felt since I am running low!

I love felt

Since I don't want my felt to disappear so quickly, I hired the little bigfoots to protect it

Doesn't it look like the yetis are laughing at them in the background? Well, they are.

And finally, meet mr. squirrel!!

I made him last night. I've been wanting to make mr. squirrel into a plush but I haven't been satisfied with the way it has come out. I can only draw him. I like him on the small plaque waving at the world. He likes it too.

I want a puppy :(
I want a poodle

I want one just like ollie (my best friend's family's amazing doggy).
Riley and I have a dog/cat allergy and so far, ollie has been the only dog that I'm totally fine around!
I wish I had more time for a dog!!! I want one :(


  1. pets are awesome, but you have plenty of fluffy creatures hanging around your place! at least you aren't allergic to felt.

  2. LOVE your blog! And yay for Oklahoma! Those bigfoots and yetis are too darn cute, and I also love your little owls. I need to check out Dwelling Spaces here I guess :)

  3. I LOVE the little bigfoots! (bigfeet?)
    And your workplace is so organized!

  4. those little bigfoots guarding your felt stash are so cute!!

  5. your yetis and big foot(s) still make me smile. the picture of youwhere you are loving the felt is too fun! :)

  6. awww your big foots are just so cool and cute!!! one day im sure you will own your own cute poodle fingers crossed! nice pic of you hugging felt lol!!!

  7. i totally procrastinate too! and it's totally worth it ;) i love those little bigfoot cute!

  8. looks like my poor neglected pile of felt... fantastic bigfoots!

  9. Love this post. So fun...

    Poodles are great that way in that they're the perfect nonallergenic pet (they have hair, not fur, and do not shed). However, they are cross breeding them with other breeds for the same nonallergenic qualities. I've seen quite a few Labradoodles (Labrador/Poodle mix) lately, and my grandmother had a cockapoo (cockerspaniel/poodle) that was adorable. By the time you're ready for a pet, there will probably be lots of poodle combination possibilities.

  10. You and your felt look so happy together!!

    My mom has a poodle, and he is such a sweetie. He loves to cuddle, and when he's really feeling close to you he'll burrow his little head into your armpit as a way of saying "hold me closer." And he's so fluffy, my mom calls him her teddy dog because he looks just like a fuzzy little toy. He can be a little bit yippy though, but only if someone is at the door. They are very allergy friendly, they don't shed. So if you DO ever get a pup, I'm thinkin' poodle for you and your man. There are other breeds that work for people with pet allergies though, in case you decide that poodles aren't your cup of tea.

  11. I hear ya on it's funner to make things than work on a presentation! I just started school yesterday and I've never been so creative!!! haha

  12. your felt looks so yummy! so do your creations!

  13. love the pic of the bigfoots protecting the felt. I love felt also, it rocks! You make some pretty cool creations!

  14. Lol, love the pictures. The little bigfoots are so cute!