Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where's my jacket?

It's cold out!!
Well, it's 59 degrees this beautiful morning in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Time to snuggle in those jackets!!!

Anyways, Indie Emporium is now 2 days away!
Today my plan is to
1. sew up donuts

2. make owl pins
3. make ghost
4. paint
5. make owl zipper pouches

I can't believe I put all this until last minute. I'm so mad at myself! I think I started 2 weeks ago. And last week was crunch time, where I would wake up early and go to bed late. This week I'm doing the same thing. I went to bed last night at 3am, I HAD to finish the owl buddies

Usually when I begin to stab myself with the needle and cut my fingers with the scissors is when I throw in the towel and go to bed, but last night, despite all that I had to finish these little guys. And I did! As you can see in the picture above.

Some of the things I do have completed and you can see at Indie Emporium:
Zipper pouches!

yetis and bigfoots!!

Owl snugglies!!

And you can bet I will take plenty of pictures this weekend!

Vote on my poll if you haven't already! I'll be having my giveaway later this month and it will be of what wins on the polls!

Have an amazing wednesday!!


  1. Oh my- what cute things you have in your Etsy and blog! I especially love the owls and zipper pouches. So cute! :)

  2. Awesome! Good luck at Indie! hehe The yeti's & big foots are so cute! Your zipper pouches are awesome too, did ya just start making those?

  3. Your blog is great. Your items look great too. I live about an hour south of Tulsa, OK, and it was cold in OK this morning. My kids were all bundled up.

  4. I think I started making the zipper pouches in january. They sold out in my etsy shop and I just haven't restocked yet!

  5. Whew Looks like you've been hard at work! Love the owls ...I just voted and I see everyone else seem to like them too!

  6. Your softies are so cute! one is cuter than the other!

  7. I LOVE THE YETI'S!!!! They are sooo cute and funny and are my faaaavorite! :D

  8. Oh my goodness...seeing all those wonderful plushies makes me want to snuggle up with them all and go back to bed! :)
    Your time was certainly well spent. Good luck at the Indie Emporium! Sounds like it will be a blast!

  9. i can't wait to add to my stelabird collection!

  10. Good luck and have fun!!! Everything looks awesome! :)

  11. 1. Good luck on your show!

    2. I heart donuts = my parents own a donut shop! And may have to buy a few for Christmas to give them!

    3. I love your stuff and I love your blog and have blogged about it today:

    Check it out and keep updated with the comments from readers!



  12. i love your little pouches!
    i use mine all the time when i don't feel like carrying my whole purse around ;p

  13. I love those sleeping owls!!! I love them all together as they are in the basket, wanna hug them all!!!