Sunday, November 2, 2008

hi dress

Riley was out of town today so it was a bit hard taking pictures of my dress!
But I tried my best

I apologize for the terrible shots! I had to go to a photo shoot tonight in Oklahoma City so I wore that. The shoot was fun. It's for Oklahoma Magazine.
Now I'm hanging out with my sister!

Our shirts have pants on them because we call each other pants. Why you ask?
Instead of saying sugar pants she accidentally just said pants, which I thought was hilarious. And it just stuck. It's been going strong for 4 years now.
I hope everyone is having a lovely sunday!


  1. Congrats on the feature in OK Mag!! What month will you debut?

  2. When Riley gets back you should definitely have him take a pic of your dress! It looked cute with the rest of that outfit though! Good job :D!

  3. I think it will be the December issue

  4. I agree with megan, You need your photographer to take the picture, the mirror does not do the dress justice. but it captures your camera really well! Fuji?

  5. From what i see the dress looks awesome, you did a really good job. It*s cool that you get along with your sister, i dont know what I*d do without my brother.