Monday, November 10, 2008

rainy monday

It's another rainy day here in Stillwater! Which was nice waking up to but not nice for taking pictures! So I just worked on pouches today to put into the shop tomorrow. Here's my dark and messy working space.

Here's one of the pouches I made

And Riley was working on his drums and ended up moving them to the living room. His dad is in town so they are messing around.

Also going in the shop tomorrow will be the yeti ornament!

He's a small guy. The yeti measures 2.5"w, 3"h and is lightly filled!
I better get ready for class! I hate going to my 6p because I usually get really tired in there and stop paying attention and it's just a bad deal.
Have a wonderful monday!
When do you normally put up your Christmas tree? I do when I return from the Thanksgiving holiday but I have a feeling it will be different this year.


  1. it rained all day here too. it made me feel super lazy.

  2. do you and your love have aband? if so let me know if you have a myspace for it here is mine

    and here is my bf

  3. don't you just love being inside on rainy days though?

  4. I like to put mine up some time around Thanksgiving. I like it when it is up FOR thanksgiving so it feels very warm and happy and holiday! But no later than the weekend after :).
    AND... I love the YETI ornament!!!

  5. I tend to put up my tree right around Thanksgiving...maybe a couple days after. Then I get a full month of happy glowing tree time without Christmas hanging around soaking up Thanksgiving's thunder!

  6. So your birdies were at the show I was in! SO RANDOM!!

  7. day after thanksgiving.. Oh and it snowed here in Michigan. YEAH! it lasted all night and thoughout most of the day. most of it is melted now though.

  8. that yeti is adorable!

    ps. nice blog :)

  9. The Yeti is cuteness..!!! He is such an original creation!
    and I love your collection of spools!
    Here in Italy we traditionally decorate for christmas on the 8th of December!

  10. Ooo, I must have a yeti ornament! The rainy day put a damper (yuk yuk!) on my picture-taking, too . . . and my staying awake. I only had one evening class like the one you did, and I had to drop it. It made me too sleepy!

  11. The only good thing about a rainy Monday is that it's better than a rainy Sunday.

    I like the look of your work space. Doesn't look toomessy to me! And that Yeti is super cute!