Sunday, November 16, 2008


This month is flying by!! Next week is already Thanksgiving, and also my birthday!
I'm happy to share my birthday with the Macy's Day Parade.
Yesterday I was in Oklahoma City all day for the Rock N' Roll Garage Sale! There was live music from 12-8p and many vendors. I sorta felt out of place. All the people selling around me were selling "garage sale" type items. Yes, I know it has the word garage sale in the title but I was told it wasn't like that. There were sellers selling new items but my booth wasn't next to theirs. You can feel my misplacement, right? So I watched the lady across from me with her $1.00 clothing make a killing. I still had fun and enjoyed seeing old friends, new friends, eating cupcakes with sleepy Riley and trying the new red bull cola (disgusting).

When I came home I counted my money, and to my surprise, I made more than I expected (and hoped)! So that made my night.
I also tallied up what I sold. I love to see what the top sellers were! I had two #1 sellers in OKC and they were the owl ornaments and owl keychains. I also love to compare what sells better in the different cities. The top seller at Indie Emporium in Tulsa was the yeti. And in OKC the bigfoots sold more than the yetis. It always surprises me for some reason.
Now it's time to get ready for another show I'll be doing in OKC on December 6th called Deluxe!

-random update time-
*I get to announce the winner of the owl ornament tomorrow! You have until 11:59 CST to enter! Please look at post below for more info!

*I've added a new yeti ornament to my shop! This guy has a blue ribbon!

*I'm a Christmas music nut. True story. I have XM radio so I'm listening to Christmas music in my car and at home!! I feel like an elf when I'm making ornaments! Oh it makes me giddy!!! Can you tell with all those exclamation points?!

Any big plans for this week? My goal is start working on owl snugglies and filling up my shop with the bundle of goodness!
Have a great sunday!


  1. I'm glad you had a nice surprise at the end of your day. Selling to the public can be tricky. Your makings are delightful, I hope your season is terrific!

  2. Sounds like a good day overall with that nice $$ surprise in the end. I'm a Christmas music FIEND, so I'm right there with ya!

  3. I know the feeling of being misplaced in a show. glad you at least had mosre sales than you expected. ( those are always fun) I love Christmas music also. totally helps me get in the mood. I'm hoping this Christmas is god for everyone.

  4. Your set up for your booth looked very pretty and cozy.
    My brother did a show recently and he felt out of place because most of the sellers were big names like Paul Frank and Obey. Most of the customers didn't get the "handmade" concept and why things could possibly be priced higher than wholesale prices.

    I wish I had the same Christmas spirit as you do. I wish I felt like an elf when I make things. I don't like Christmas music anymore but I wish I did. Sad, isn't it?

  5. Sounds like you had fun at the sale though. Your big owl stuffies are ADORABLE! Your stelabird frame is pretty awesome too, do you take it with ya to all your shows?

    Now, now he is playing Gears Of War 2. He traded in Fable 2 about a week after it came out. {hints how much he plays}

    haha, you feel like an elf huh? I can't wait to watch Frosty & Rodolph, LOVE IT.

  6. i wish we had an office together as I am also a christmas music nut! Sometimes it can be hard to get the husband/business partner into it, but most of the time he has no choice :) I love your yeti! Too cute! Good luck at Deluxe! I hope it rocks!

  7. I felt out of place, too! I was right next to a total garage-sale booth. The worst part was they had these crappy paintings (not original, of course) of a naked lady that they put halfway in front of my booth. It didn't really fit my aesthetic, so Grey asked politely if he could move it. They also broke several things, including a beer bottle :/

  8. i love the yeti ornaments :-)
    i think i need a good crafternoon. the christmas gift list is getting out of hand.