Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh I've missed you!

(lovely lollipops from Pretty Little Things)

Hi my little candyfaces!!
How was your Christmas?! Truly amazing & magical?
Mine was too.
I haven't been home since Wednesday, and I didn't take any of my crafting things to my mom's house, so I was ready to come home and get back to work!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?
I decided to do some this year!
1. The typical one: EXERCISE!
Now that I'm no longer in college I'm not walking a distance everyday, and since I eat unhealthy this can become really bad! So Riley and I are picking up a treadmill tomorrow.
2. Another typical: EAT BETTER!
I eat fast food everyday. It's terrible. It's convenient, but super terrible. So I'm giving up fast food. I'm sick of it anyway.
3. Keep working and improving Stelabird!
This means new products to release in 2009!
I guess that's not really a resolution, but you get it!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?!
This should probably wait until Wednesdays post, but...oh well!


  1. Mine is just to take care of myself better, exercise, eat better, etc. I know that's the usual but this year I really want to make a conscious effort!

  2. I do not make New Years Resolutions.

    I do yoga, I eat well...and back when I didn't...I still didn't bother with resolutions. *shrug*

    but people making the resolution to workout more gets a wave of new yogis every january. A lot of them wash out, but some I'm glad other people make resolutions.

  3. Welcome back! My resolution is to stay motivated and keep making art...also to stay organized! Good luck with the resolutions! Buying a treadmill was one of the best investments I made..make sure it is placed in front of a tv so you can watch dexter!