Monday, December 22, 2008

please unglue me from the tv

So the show Dexter consumed my weekend.
We watched all of season 1 and 2, and it was amazing! We don't have Showtime so we has to rent it from netflix. The sad thing is season 3 isn't out yet and I have sit and wait, which I'm really sad about. I NEED TO SEE MORE!!! I figured out that I get obsessed with shows. I rent the seasons and get caught up and can't let go! So I think I may resort to reading again. Preferably a Chuck Palahniuk book.
We took breaks in between discs so in my break time I made pouches with some of my new fabric.
These are now in my shop!

I also listed a new birdie!

Where are you traveling to this holiday season? I'll just be going to my parents' house an hour away from here.

My advice of the day for you: Give someone a HUGE hug. I love big hugs, and they will too, unless they hate people.


  1. i love the bike one!

    I'll be staying st my parents on xmas eve for a few days.

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. I'm totally obsessed with Dexter too!!! It's so horribly good!
    And season two was CRAZY!!!

    so... not sure if you know about this, but you could potentially watch season 3 online. Go to

    Enjoy your holidays!!!

  3. That measuring tape pouch is adorable!

  4. they dont have dexter on xbox? I thought they did! Love the new birdie!

  5. :) hehe, love the hug advice! Nice!!!

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!!! :)


  6. I know,I know! Season 3 can't come out on DVD fast enough!! We don't have TV so we watch everything on DVD and it works out great. You don't have to wait a whole week for the next episode and you can even kill yourself watching a whole season in one zombie-inducing marathon! heehee

    Have you read Chuck's newest yet?Snuff. It was good.At least I liked it ;)

  7. cute pouches! I really like the tapemeasure fabric..

  8. My favorite is also the bike one...and I've never seen Dexter. My brother's a big fan of it though.

    BTW -
    It's Christmas Tag and you're IT!
    See my blog for rules and such.

    Merry Christmas :)

  9. Who makes that measuring tape fabric? I think I need some! :)

  10. You found such cute fabrics for these pouches!!

  11. cute purses and birdie! I love watching a whole series in a row - you dont miss episodes or forget anything!

  12. I looooooooove the bike pouch!

    I am scared to get cable tv. I would never get anything done if I started getting addicted to more shows. The Office and Scrubs are all I need right now. I got into Sopranos and Entourage and Rescue Me at one point and then when I couldn't get anymore, I forgot about them. It's not like I really get anything done anyway, but I cannot imagine how it would be to get obsessed with another show. I wrote more here than my last blog post. Yikes!