Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so very yes

When a look starts to get popular, do you shy away from it? I hate to admit this, but I sure do!
For example, the feather headband. I had my first encounter with the feather headband this summer on etsy. I was searching for feathers: earrings, necklaces, whatever and I came across one from Charm School Design. I fell in love and immediately purchased one. A month later Nylon featured a feather headband. As months past, and I saw a few in Stillwater, Ok it kinda lost its luster. You can find them on any accessory website. Now when you search feathers on etsy its pages and pages beyond pages of feather headbands. Don't get me wrong, I still love my headbands but you can guess my excitement when my friend Cristi, from Felix and Jayne released some headbands of her own!

(I'd like to stop and mention that I ran errands and when I came home I put back on my pj pants! I They are much warmer. It's super cold out)

What I love about her work is that she uses all her fabric scraps from her bags! So this headband is pretty much recycle wear! So fun and unique. And I love that it has a single feather, gives it a delicate touch.
Here are two headbands available now in her shop.

She also has vintage button rings

awesome cuffs

and one of a kind clutches!!

This chick rocks! Visit her at felixandjayne.etsy.com

I'm trying to stay warm on this gloomy, cold, rainy Tuesday. What better to keep me warm than hot tea! In my college mug! I'M GRADUATING IN 4 DAYS!!!! AH! I'll be attending the ceremony. I wonder how long it will be since it will be smaller since it's in December. Hmmm.

Anyways, I've been tagged by the ever so awesome Renee from GreenerMe.
Here are the rules. And I'm going to break the rules #4&5. If you can't decide what to blog about than just do this!
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Ok, on to ME!

1. Since I'm graduating this Saturday the big follow up question is: What are you going to do now? Answer: Stelabird until I move to Tulsa in 4 months. What am I going to do in Tulsa? I don't know quite yet.
2. Now that I'm only doing Stelabird, I'm brainstorming on new products and how to improve Stelabird.
3. I can't wait to move out of Stillwater, Ok.
4. My new accessory obsession: Brooches. I'll blog about that later.
5. When I get excited, I tend to talk really loud where I'm almost yelling.
6. My new word: Yikes.

It's 28 degrees here in Oklahoma, so I'm staying indoors and making snugglies!
Stay warm everyone.


  1. Thank you lady! You rock. I have spent almost my entire day on the computer, good thing I started packing yesterday. I'm afraid you've unleashed a monster. ha

  2. Blah, why are you moving to Tulsa??!! There is nothing there! I lived there for 6 months and had to get out of there!


  3. haha! I lived in Tulsa for a summer and loved it, it's way better than Stillwater.

  4. Hi Stela,

    That cuff is pretty cool with the various threads stitched together to make the cloth!

  5. Hehe! I tagged you today, too! And I think I'm falling in love with F&J...they're so freaking cool!

  6. I'm kind of the same way!

    I looked for feather headbands when I was a peacock for Halloween (totally before I knew about the whole fad of peacocks and feathers), and now it's out of control!

    I must admit, it's such a cute trend though, so trend or not, it's a fun one to be apart of. Love the shop you featured... taking fads and making it her own = A+!

  7. That headband is cool! The feather headband is popular on Etsy and stuff but I haven't seen anyone wearing them around here...

  8. I love hairbands, too, now that I cut off 6 inches (when it was long I'd just braid it...I'm a lazy hair person!). I just got one this weekend, all velvet with gorgeous deep red roses across it. :)
    So excited for your graduation!!! Congrats!

  9. Felix & Jayne shop does rock. That cuff is awesome! Congrats on the graduation!

  10. "Yikes?" What ever happened to "meow"? Meow was so cute and maybe a little sexy, "Yikes!" sounds like Shaggy and Scooby on cartoon network!

    Meow! Meow! ( I love cats)

  11. haha! yea, I watched too much charlie brown, I stole their yikes. Maybe there have been more yikes moments than meow moments lately

  12. that headband is very pretty! and so is the ring! ;)
    i'm really looking forward to seeing your new stelabird projects!

  13. It's funny how geographical fads can be. I haven't seen one single person wearing a feather headband. Though now that I am thinking about it, I iwll be paying a lot more attention!
    I think brooches whould definitely be a hot new item...they are so classic and there are soooo many options with them! The only one I have is some dorky snowman the shrieks 1996 every time I like at it!

  14. I love how all the bands are recycled! And I realllly want that clutch! Also, please pop over to my main blog (MannieMandible)... there is an award waiting for you (:

  15. I'm not big on headbands to begin with, but you look so cute in the featherband. Actually, when I think of headbands I think of headaches. I used to wear a plastic headband in fifth grade, it had ouchy teeth that dug into my little skull.