Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So as you may see up top, the YETI plush is the winner by 62%!! So, I'll give you what you want!!! Come back tomorrow to enter to win the rowdy fellow!

Yesterday was super busy for me, but it was a great day! And today I've been filling my custom orders! It feels great to get caught up. I have 2 more to complete. I also need to make things for the indie craft bazaar, Deluxe! It's this Saturday in Oklahoma City!!

Song on repeat in the stelabird corner is
Good Time by Brazilian Girls! I was unable to show you the video so I leave you with a link to check it out!


  1. Love the little Yetis! I'll be back to enter your giveaway.

  2. Yay! I love the yeti's mouth, it seems to perpetually be frozen mid-ARRGGG

  3. yay for yeti's are taking over the world, one person at a time. hehe Good luck at the Bazaar! Glad to know im not the only person who uses the repeat button.