Sunday, February 15, 2009

hoot house

Today I was cutting out the owls from my fleece to make owl pillows and I was really peeved with all the extra fleece that I couldn't use. It was too small to use for an owl pillow but too much to throw away and not feel guilty about it. While gathering all the extra scraps I came up with a solution. A simple one at that. Make more owls!
As you know I make smaller owls, called owl buddies, and they are made from felt.
Well, now I'd like to introduce you to the new owl buddy!

It's made from fleece and is bigger than the previous owl buddy by about 2 inches.

This fleece jailbird owl buddy will be in the shop tomorrow!



  1. YAY for Owl buddies!! So cute!

  2. What a great idea! Love the owl buddies! It is like a little baby owl:)

  3. Those owls are fabulous. Love the big/little sets! I too hate throwing away scraps and make smaller quilts from mine. :-)

  4. Ooooo your journal is looking so good!

    O and TAG!