Friday, February 13, 2009

my felt heart

Hello cookie trees! Once again, it is Friday!
I'll be going to Tulsa tonight since Riley's band will be playing at Soundpony. I'm also excited to hang out with my friend Cristi, you may know her as felix & jayne! We'll be passing out high fives tonight.

On Monday I made simple little valentine's cards for my mom & sister and mailed them off. Today, I received them back in the mail! I forgot to put the stamps on. I'm an idiot.
Have you made your loved ones gifts for V-day yet? If not, you can start with the simple handmade card.
You'll need a blank card, you can find these at any arts & crafts store.

Next, you'll need felt to cut out a heart shape.

Sew or glue felt heart to card!

There's so much you can do to this card! Stamp words on the front, add buttons and other crafty supplies to the heart, etc.

Be sure to turn the card over and leave your signature so your valentine knows it was handmade by you!
Handmade Valentine's are the best.

**wreck this journal**


  1. hah SO many circles- fun! Wreck This Journal is going to continue to be pretty entertaining I bet.

  2. Cute card! Handmade cards are the way to go! Especially Valentines day! I see less and less homemade cards at school every year :-(

    Love the wreck this journal! I'm totally getting one for myself and my sister for her birthday!

  3. Oh gosh, i love your blog!!!

    I have officially ordered a Wreck This Journal!

    Thanks for boostin my creativity, you ROCK!

  4. I am trying NOT to look at your Journals too much. I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait for it to come in!

  5. aaahhh that bird stamp is ssssooo cute! Love it! that journal is super cool as well!

  6. you did NOT wreck that journal!! you made it WAY more cute!!!!!!!!!!!! :) But, I forgive you.

  7. Love the wreck it journal! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Riley!