Wednesday, March 4, 2009

moving day #2

Today was a successful moving day. I knew it would be since my mom was helping!

It only took us about 4 hours to pack everything! It took me and Riley 4 hours to just do my craft space yesterday! ha! So that shows you the leadership we were under.
All the pictures I took were from the beginning of the process, I really wish I would've taken pictures right before we left, but oh well.
The living room full of boxes of fun!

And here is the beginning process of packing the cars full of boxes.

I really really wish I would have taken a picture of it at the end because my mom and Riley filled every space possible in the CRV & Jeep. But...there are still plenty of boxes we had to leave behind to come back for on Saturday.
I'm so disgusted with myself with how much stuff I have! It's terrible. So on tomorrow's agenda it is going through all the boxes and making sell/donate piles. I'm sooo not looking forward to that. But I don't need all that stuff.


  1. It must be hard, parting with the stuff you have collected over the years! Good luck with that!

  2. Very exciting time for you! Good luck with all the sorting of your stuff. I should take some spring cleaning ques from you because I am a real pack rat!

  3. You guys are doing awesome. I feel you on the need for a sell/donate pile. My closet and spare bedroom are out of control.

  4. I had a huge yard sale about a month before we moved and I sold everything I could get my hands on!! We had very little to move and $800 in our pockets! I suggest a yard sale!

  5. good luck! i'm a pack rat so i feel your pain!

  6. Looking good! Great time to clean out, something I need to do but just feel so overwhelmed by the task.

  7. Two great posts on the move. I'm not moving just yet, but the amount of 'stuff' we have is incredible. I've been pairing down our clothes and things between goodwill and garbage. We had so much for Goodwill that we decided to do a garage sale first. :-0 It is a good feeling to get rid tho- and know someone else will get more use from something than I am. AND I found clothes I forgot I had! like you and fabric- it is like shopping in my own closets! :-)

  8. Moving twice in two years made me whittle down my stuff but I still have way too much stuff.

    In a dream world I would be a minimalist, in the real world that would prolly only happen if I had MAJOR room to spread out, maybe a house for each activity, lol :P