Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I pity the fool

First and foremost, Happy April Fool's Day! Did you play a prank on anyone today? I suck at April Fool's so once again, I did not participate. I kinda did one on accident a month ago. I had a hard time telling my mom and sister that I was moving back to Enid so when I told them (separately) I kinda made it dramatic, such as "hey, I have something to tell you" in a weary voice. But then it was followed by a "We won't be moving to Tulsa yet, we're coming to Enid". See not so bad. But I still ended up giving my mom and sister a heart attack and their first thought was that I was pregnant. Geez, come on ladies! So they wanted to beat me up for scaring them, and for being so dramatic. Hehe, oops.

Last weekend I met this awesome couple that own an art gallery in downtown Enid called Scribner's Gallery & Studio. Not only that but they are amazing artists! We had discussed selling Stelabird goodies there so today Riley and I went to show my wares. And in the process I got to meet Andy Warhol.

As you see, Andy is a chinese crested who is super sweet and has to wear sunscreen when he's outside.


I love him. I really, really do.
So anyways, I will start selling at Scribner's THIS Friday! Normally, I would give myself a couple of weeks to start preparing merchandise for a new location but this Friday is Enid's First Friday, where downtown stores & restaurants stay open later and Scriber's has snacks, drinks, a new artist in the gallery, and live music-which happens to be Riley! Sooooo, you can see why I'm going to rush to make them merchandise to have that night.
If you're wondering why I don't just give them my's because I don't have much inventory! Eeks! Once the items in my etsy shop sell and I relist, I don't make the product unless it gets sold again. And I'm constantly making things but then they go to my store locations. So I have a lot to make by Friday. But no worries, I have these clamp lights that help me work through the night without straining my eyes

And finally, I leave you with the album I'm currently obsessed with. I'm a year late, but who cares, I finally have it! It's perfect for making stelabird goods because it's so innocent, fun and spirited
We Brave Bee Stings and All by Thao (and the get down stay down)

Swimming Pools


  1. I would love to hear Riley! Congrats on you guys getting a "gig" together. :) Good luck to both of you.

  2. congrats on selling at the new location! that pup is too cute!

  3. I am really excited to hear that you are doing so well with Stelabird!!! Congrats on being in the art gallery!
    We have an event here in Columbus like the one you're talking about but ours is called Gallery Hop! :) Good luck working late into the night - it'll be worth it when you totally sell out at the event!!! :)

  4. that dog is so cute!!

    i made a squeal when i saw that album cover!! i love that cd so much!!!!!

  5. Another fun fact about Andy - He likes to sit in the jewelry cases because the lights keep his tiny naked body warm :)

  6. Stephanie said...

    Another fun fact about Andy - He likes to sit in the jewelry cases because the lights keep his tiny naked body warm :)

    **Andy gets cooler and cooler with each fun fact!

  7. 1. so cool about the newest place to carry your goods! it looks like you're really doing well! very exciting.

    2. that dog (is it a dog???) is hilarious.

    3. i had actually never heard of this band before, and i am downloading the album as we speak! good stuff!

  8. Congrats!! It seems you have a busy few days ahead of you!

  9. That is so cool that the both of you will be involved with the gallery! Good luck making goodies.
    That pup is so ugly he's cute. :)