Friday, April 10, 2009

keeping it real

Hi friends!! I've missed you!
I know it's only been 3 days but if I don't blog every other day I feel lost!

These past couple of days have been busy. Not only am I preparing for Funky Finds Spring Fling show in Texas but Riley and I have also been occupied with our thoughts on the future and careers. I don't want to get any more specific than that because I hate to say things and then they don't unfold the way I want. So, I'll keep my mouth closed and hope that later this year I can share with you.

Remember the body form I had that ripped in half during our move?

Well, Riley's Grandpa fixed her for me!!! She's now back in my possession and better than ever! Yay! Go grandpa!

Also the other day I've been working on a new product.
You know how bright it is when there's snow on the ground and the sun is shining? Well, working with white paper in the sunlight does the same thing (of course).
I was making a pattern and it was so unbearable that I had to be a loser and wear my sunglasses inside!

And here's an idea on what I'm working on...but think BIGGER

this is what happens when I'm home alone, I take ridiculous pictures of myself and share with you.

Also this week I got a bag of ribbon & beads from a friend!!

Super pumped about that!!

On today's agenda I'm finishing up the felt donuts

and going to Tulsa tonight for Riley's show at Soundpony!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. i love the new little guy you're working on! very cute.

    have a happy Easter!

  3. You must have excellent nature light in your art room...I am super jealous! The new product sounds your pictures!

  4. I went over and listened to Riley on his myspace page. His music is great. I really enjoyed listening.

    Good luck with whatever the career choice is going to be.

  5. That must've felt so funny to be wearing sunglasses inside while you were working. :)

    ps My kitties have one of your catnip donuts and it is still their favorite toy, they have loved it up so much I may need to get another soon.

  6. fun fun show tonight! You got lotsa nice goodies too. Enjoy!