Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a little update!

I just wanted to stop in and leave a little update!
I've been getting ready for an indie arts & craft fair that's taking place in Fort Worth, Texas called Funky Finds Spring Fling! It's THIS SATURDAY!!
I'm leaving Friday to go to Dallas and hang out with my bestie, Goldie! She'll be helping me on Saturday so come out and see us!!
Please click HERE for more info on the show!

Here's what's made and ready to go!

Owl pillows, key chains, pins and felt donuts!

Little owl buddies!

Little Bigfoots!

Felt birdies!

I'll also have You're a Dreamboat earrings and rings there!!

Ok, that's all for now! I just didn't want you to worry that I had drowned in my polyfil!


  1. Have a great time, you've been quite busy!!!

  2. Those owls looks so cute displayed all together! I don't know how someone could resist stopping at your booth!

  3. oh my goodness how cute!
    Looks like those owls in the first pic have their own owl pins and purses they're so proud of!

    Would you be able to custom make a usb stick holder and if so, how much would you charge? (Your prices are VERY reasonable to say the least, I just have ridiculously little money.)

    I was thinking... the owl keychain, if it could hide a USB memory stick and close with a button or velcro maybe?

  4. NICE! I bet you sell-out of your adorable creations. BTW, I have been looing for some small, black flower earrings and thought of your 'dreamboat' I'm going to order when I'm home from work tonight (and the airport run for hubby's flight to FL). :-D

  5. I wish you lots of luck! Looks like you have been working hard.

  6. I'm not going to get to go to the show!! I'm so bummed. Looks like there will be some cool peeps there. Turns out I'll be out of town helping my husband. :o( Have a great time and I hope you sell out!


  7. Little Big Foots are awesome!! I hope you sell everything and come home with orders for more!! Wish I could go!

  8. Have a wonderful show! Love the new items!

  9. good luck! have fun! :) eat some good food! (thats what i do everytime i'm in dallas haha)

  10. aw your little out-of-the-box displays are my favorite!

  11. Just wanted to stop in & say how exquisitely happy I am with the little donut pin cushion with the pink frosting I got at the fair today. I think it's the littlest things that can make us the most happy & you are making the world happier one cute thing at a time. Thank you!