Sunday, April 5, 2009

out with the old, in with the NEW!

Check out the new layout!!
Riley's been hard at work all day revamping the site. This is now considered!!
Please give me your honest opinion about the new site, is it easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to get to my shop? We will definitely take your comments into consideration.
Please bare with us these next couple of days as we move things around. We are still working on the sidebar, soon we'll have my followers, my twitter info, my myspace link and possibly the places that sell Stelabird. Also, there isn't a post comment button, you'll have to click on comment, but that's not difficult to figure out.

I love where it's going, but I'm a stinker and love everything Riley does. Hehe!

I hope you like it!


  1. Digg.

    I stopped by DWELLING SPACES today and saw a ton of STELLABIRD fun on display. Sweet.

    Just dropping a line to show some blog love. <3


  2. I love the new layout!! It is very much your style and is easy to navigate. I especially like the notebook paper and background, very vibrant. Congratulations on personalizing your blog even more, I think Riley is fantastic, as are you!! :)

  3. i love the font you're using for your banner & navigation.. and the scattered dots in the design are really neat, too. i like that it now matches your etsy banner. it's great for the stelabird brand!

  4. I really like it so far! I love the green and white poka dot accent. I can't wait to see it once you add everything else to it! It seems easy to navigate to me! Riley did a great job!

  5. Yup, I also love the layout- it's grrrrreat!

  6. Wow! I love this! So professional and cool looking:) Great job Riley!

  7. what?? this is is so neat!! i just clicked on the site from my Reader and I didn't read the post first, but i like it!! congrats~~

  8. Wow! Awesome new layout! Looks great!

  9. i love it! aesthetically, it's very very cute. and practically, the layout is super easy to use and navigate. it's simple, and it makes sense. i really like your "in the past" section. and the comment thing is super easy to figure out. a lot of pages do the same thing so i think people are used to it by now. yayyyy for your new site! so awesome!

  10. Thank you guys sooo much!!
    I'm super happy you are finding it easy to use and look at!
    You guys are awesome!

  11. L.O.V.E the new design! It's so much easier to read/navigate etc!

    I would say, it's easy to access your shop, but not necessary 'you're a dreamboat'. ...maybe if they were side-by-side? but still, I love it!

    The comment button is totally not difficult to understand! Though, it is a little small.

    And I love that it looks like lined paper in the background!

  12. Looks great and very well done! I like it alot! I've been meaning to do a little revamp myself. I changed things up a few months back but its just not quite how I'd like it!

  13. oh yeah I like it too!!! looks super cool! Riley is amazing!

  14. Holy changes! Love it. Looks awesome!

    Look at you all updating and improving and stuff! Looks wonderful.