Tuesday, June 2, 2009

see Dexter's skillz in the 8 second video below


I'm watching the Price is Right, and what's up with Drew Carey's host hair? Whoa.
Yesterday Riley and I headed to the movies to see Up. Oh my! Within 5 minutes I was crying my eyes out!! It was really cute though. I loved it. I also loved the pixar short Partly Cloudy.

My craft room has been calling my name. I need to stock up the boutiques I sell at, I need to list more items in my shops and I need to have a GIVEAWAY!! I'm thinking an....OWL SNUGGLY GIVEAWAY. Oh yes


  1. How do you already have him doing tricks? That's amazing, I can tell you are a very attentive puppy-mother. He's your baby, huh?

    I went to see Up too, LOVED it. Don't feel bad about crying, you're definitely not alone. I went with Mitch and his dad and sister, we all cried!

  2. TOO CUTE!!!!

    Someone JUST told me I need to go see that movie! Maybe this weekend...

  3. oohhhhhh! you have one of the cutest little puppies EVER. i can't stand it!! it's making me want my own little puppy so much. btw, the only rule for our new place is no dogs. :(

    he is so talented! i can't believe he's already doing tricks! you guys are doing such a great job with him.

    i want to see Up so bad! some of my friends just saw it in 3D. that sounds like an excellent idea to me!

  4. so cute!! so well behaved, too!

  5. Soooo cute! You need to have Dexter teach my Sully some tricks. :)

    I really want to see Up. I'm hoping we can go this weekend.

  6. Dexter is smart and cute! I love the high five!

  7. hooray for crafting and Dexter and a super-hooray for owly give-aways!

  8. Wow, Dexter is very smart and you are a very good teacher! Super cute video. :)

  9. haha awww i love his high five!!!

    and i loooved up! especially doug! it was such a sweet movie and "partly cloudy" was too cute. :)

  10. Wow!!! You got him doing tricks so quickly!!! He is amazing! Good job!

    He's darn cute :D