Monday, July 27, 2009

This past weekend was Dfest in Tulsa! Dfest is a music festival held in downtown Tulsa.
Below is a picture of Riley's band Mayola.

I had such a blast seeing great music & hanging with friends!

They had a sweet photobooth at Dwelling Spaces so us & our favorites Cristi & Issac knocked that out!

That was our last whoorah before we open our business! WE MOVE INTO OUR SPACE THIS WEEKEND!!!! Then we plan to open in SEPTEMBER!!! AH! So exciting.
Don't forget to follow our progress at our BLOG. We plan to update more once we are in our space.


  1. cute photo booth pics!

    so exciting that you are moving into the store so soon! eeee!!!

  2. The photobooth pics make me happy, I'm glad you guys had a good time in T-town! I bet you're so excited to start setting up the new shop. It's gonna look amazing!

  3. i secretly want a photo booth in my apt.

  4. Love the photobooth pics! Can't wait to see the store!

  5. Great everyone's expressions in each funny:)

    Good luck with your store, very exciting for you both!

  6. cute photo booth pics!

    how exciting you are setting up a new shop! can't wait to see it when its done! ;)

  7. awesome photos! looks like a fun show. :)
    yay for your new shop. that is going to be swell. can't wait. even though i will only be enjoying photos of it through your blog. but who knows maybe i will find it one day.