Thursday, July 30, 2009

the waiting game

OMG it's 73 degrees here in Enid, Oklahoma!! Normally it's 100 in July!!
I'm all sorts of comfy in my cardigan today!

Can't wait till FALL!!!!

So today is all about waiting. Waiting for emails. Waiting for phone calls. Waiting for packages (merchandise for THE FELT BIRD! woot woot!!). Waiting for Riley. Waiting.

So while I wait I will listen to this song I've been listening to all summer. It's wonderful and it makes me want to bang a drum or something.

Percussion Gun by White Rabbits

What are you waiting for?


  1. It's only in the 80s in NYC but it is soooo humid and muggy. If I wore a nice cardigan, you would have to peel it off me.

    Oh I covet your shelf in the back corner there, cute!

  2. now, i'm excited for fall! my collection of cardigans is quite dusty at the moment. soon my lovelies.

  3. i'm waiting for some buttons I ordered from that say "Thread Head" on them. Ahhhh . I can't stand the waiting either!

    It's 85 degrees in south jersey... still summer.


  4. when it's 73 in Ohio... everyone wears shorts and flip flops! 73 is perfect!! :)

    I'm waiting for it to be time to get out of work! Oh! Also, waiting for an address to ship the oh so attention grabbing kusudama :).

  5. im jealous it's 73 in Enid. it can't be too much of a different in OKC but i havent' been outside.

    I'm waiting for my new wheels to come in! wooohoooo! they are so kanye too...they are heartless wheels. beeyah!

    no more waiting cuss all that stuff out. that's what i do. lala

  6. I'm waiting for school to start and get these kids out of the house! I haven't had a decent amt of time in front of the sewing machine in weeks!

    The weather is *gorgeous*!

  7. haha I love how cute your owl shelf is lurking in the background. I'm jealous of your weather, we're havign 85deg days here in Chicago...

    Also, good song!

  8. We have having great weather in South Dakota...well, good for me, as I am cleaning in the garage!

    We are waiting for our foreign exchange student. She arrives on Saturday. Visit my blog often to share our experience!

    Love your puppy. ~Natalie

  9. waiting for tomorrow - and the three day booth at a festival...
    much more waiting for my holidays in italy - starting at monday! yes! three weeks hoz hoz summer, beach and a lot time with my carlo...

  10. Im waiting for an etsy package... and for it to cool down so I can take gustus to the dog park

  11. that was fun! I enjoyed the clapping.

  12. is that a giant robot/sasquatch i spot on your shelf back there? haha whatever that is-- it's awesome! :) i'm waiting for the weekend! i spend all day by myself while ross works, so i get excited when we have full days together!

  13. I'm loving this cool summer! I hope it continues, then again we live in Michigan, but it does get hot during the summer.

  14. It is in the 80s in NY - and so much cooler at night it was been wonderful for sleeping.

    Waiting? to sew for the upcoming fair next weekend! To bring Ryan to the beach! for an Etsy sale!! or any sale!! :-)