Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've missed you!!

We had our grand opening Friday & now we are open for business!!!
I hope you followed our progress over at The Felt Bird blog!

my business partner/boyfriend Riley Jantzen & I

The Felt Bird

Riley & I receiving our welcome basket from Main Street Enid on our Grand Opening

If you're thinking, "What's The Felt Bird"?
The Felt Bird is an accessories, housewares, & gift boutique that specializes in handmade & original items located in downtown Enid, Oklahoma!!
If you're crafty, creative, and an artist of sorts and would like to sell with us just send us an email over at thefeltbird@gmail.com

We moved my craft room to the back of the store, which is amazing!!

I started making stelabird felt birds for the other stores that I sell at today. After I'm done stocking up the stores I will work on my etsy shop. Man oh man has it been neglected.

And what's fantastic is I can do all this and run the store! woohoo


  1. So exciting! I love The Felt Bird and wish you the best of luck! I wish I could come visit! :)

  2. We thought you abandoned this blog for the felt bird one! Happy to see you're back. Are you going to keep up with two blogs or are you going to a one blog for everything? ( doesn't matter to me, I'm following both of them!) Comgratz on the opening BTW. We have been following the posts daily.

  3. The photo of you at the opening is so beautiful!

  4. Congratulations!!! Well done, it looks great! I want to see more photos of your stuff! You all look super cute and I like the fact that you have lollipops on your work table :-D

    Awww, this kind of makes me want to have my own real life shop but I couldn't stick to shop hours.

  5. Way to go, girl! You are a powerhouse of awesomeness :)!

  6. the felt bird looks awesome! i hope one day i can go shop at your store. you are so talented! i hope you get lots of happy customers in your lovely shop. :)
    peace & love!


    As always, inspiring and beautiful.

    Wishing you all the best and loads and loads of business!


  8. So cute! Congrats! And I love your man's Timber tee. :)

  9. Congrats on the store! It looks great!
    Good luck!

  10. Wow, I've only been gone a few months and look how much you've done! Wow, congrats!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So glad to see your post. Hope the shop is running along smoothly and that you have lots of sales! It looks great.

    You are living my dream. :)
    Good luck with your new store!!!

  13. this is so over the top amazing!!!!!
    Big Congrats guys!