Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy October!!
I'm 5 days late, but whatever.
Time to bring out the cardigans and hoodies! Time to drink hot tea comfortably! Time to really update the etsy shop!!
I added some felt birds this weekend! I didn't have any; which I thought was weird considering that was originally Stelabird.

Anyways, I'm currently at The Felt Bird in my sewing area getting ready for Indie Emporium!

It's THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY! Can't believe it's already here! So excited!

I will updating this blog more often now!! And I have a lot of catching up to do on reading your blog! It's been forever, and I miss you :)

Oh, and look how big Dexter is!! He's 6 months old. He says Hello!

Can you spot him? He kinda blends in with the rug!


  1. Love the felt bird! So cute! Glad everything is going great with the shop! And hi Dexter! :)

  2. Hello Dexter! What a chocolately delicious dog.

    You are quite the productive little gal. Good luck at Indie Emporium, you've more goodies than I can shake a stick at.

    I've been busting out the cardigans and the hot tea too. Have a lovely fall Estela.

  3. aw dexter is so sweet! i definitely went out and got a new cardigan and hoodie this weekend for this weather! see you this weekend! make sure there is a little big foot waiting for me to buy him! :) i keep putting it off, but i will have him this weekend!

  4. OWLS! how adorable! loving them oh so much!


  5. What puppy? Just kidding. He's so fuzzy and sweet.

    Good luck to you at Indie Emporium! And, have fun!


  6. hee hee,so cute on the rug... hello to Dexter and you!