Monday, May 30, 2011

(mini) life Update!

I haven't blogged over here in a couple of months so I thought I would do a mini life update to get this one caught up on what I've been up to and then continue to blog regularly over here. Here we go...

My awesome job

Riley and I's store The Felt Bird has almost been open 2 years. Not to sound cliche but I feel like we just opened yesterday! Time flies.
We're having our 2nd Annual Mustache Bash this Friday.
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I play keys in a band called Outdoors. It consist of my fiance Riley and our friends Katy and Madden.


I've been making my owl snugglies again and listing them in my etsy shop! It feels good to get back into it. I had a hard time doing anything other than the store when we opened it in 2009 but I'm finally putting a foot down and making time and energy for other things.



Oh my baby dog. I love this little man to pieces. He's now 2 and awesome.

Riley & Me

We got engaged last year on March 3rd. We couldn't figure out what we wanted to do: have a wedding, elope? I think I've seen too many lame wedding movies and shows that I roll my eyes with the thought of planning/having one. But Riley brought it to my attention that it doesn't have to be like that. Now why didn't I think of that. Geez.
So we're having a small wedding. Full of DIY, handmade, riley and stela goodness.

I kinda suck at wedding planning. But we do have the date (in October) and we have the location!
Adventure Quest!

Adventure Quest is an outdoor science playground. It's the world’s largest community built outdoor playground! It's a huge wood castle! It's awesome. It's also 2 blocks north of our store; we can see it from our back door.

Here is an areal view of Adventure Quest. In the far left side of the picture where you see grass, that's their garden where our ceremony will be taking place. I love that people will have to walk through the wood castle to get back there.

I think I've covered it all.
Hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day weekend.


  1. so much going on! crazy to see it all written out, right?

    and leonardo's is going to make an awesomely fun wedding locale!! very cool :-)

  2. Stela it is so nice to hear all the exciting things you're up to! I'm glad you two are enjoying the store and the life you're building together- it's so sweet. ♥ And as for the wedding, I think that's the perfect location for you guys.

  3. Awwww! Love the wedding location! Makes my heart flutter just thinking of how nicely your wedding will come together! Can't wait for the pictures!!

    Also glad you are creating again - it's easy to get bogged down in the normal day-to-day. While the normal day-to-day is definitely awesome, it just takes it to a whole new level when you're able to get down and dirty in your creations.

  4. Your wedding location looks awesome! We thought of ours as a backyard party for all our closest friends! We had barbecue, tons of candy and cupcakes and margaritas, a photobooth and we ended the night by jumping in the pool! It was so laid back and I planned and did the decorations pretty much all by myself. It got intimidating closer to the big day but we just used the philosophy- if we aren't excited about It we won't do it. So we didn't have a rehearsal dinner, got married officially ahead of time in a civil ceremony so that our non-ordained friend could be the one to "marry us" the day of.. (we aren't really religious so we didn't want to end up with someone marrying us with religious undertones or something) it was really fun and we just had fun with it all and everyone had a good time.

    October is a great wedding time! I love fall! Your wedding will be so cute!

    I know how you feel about crafting! I took a break because of the move to Stillwater and had to find a job and we were living in a tiny 2 bedroom apt. We just rented a huge house off 6th near the hospital and it's awesome! It totally puts me in the mood to start crafting again and I'm redoing my brand!

    I'm glad to see new owls in the shop! And I need to get to the Felt Bird ASAP!!! I can't wait to see what you've done with the place!