Sunday, July 10, 2011

CherryBerry, a self-serve yogurt bar, just opened a couple days ago in Enid so we had to go try it out!

You may notice above my spoon moving because I could not wait for Riley to finish taking the picture! It looked so yummy. And it was! And the cold toppings tasted fresh!

I had the cheesecake yogurt with pecan, chocolate chip, strawberry and blueberry toppings!

Since it's Sunday and I share my song on repeat I'm going to share with you a song off the new Bon Iver album. This really needs to be album on repeat. It's very good, just like my cherryberry yogurt I had.
So I'm sharing my favorite song off the album...


  1. I've already had Cherry Berry twice since they opened!!

  2. Wow..I am super hungry now from looking at these pictures! Yum:) Thanks for sharing the great music, I love your taste and I love Bon Iver:)

  3. Looks just delish! Send me one, please!