Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding inspiration: for the love of bunting

(photo source ♥)

I absolutely love the look of bunting in the home and in weddings!
Since I'm making some for our wedding I went ahead and started practicing.

I made an 8" triangle pattern and used double fold, wide bias tape.

The main side has a pattern and the back is a solid cotton. I sewn right sides together so I wouldn't have any raw edges. And also if the back showed you would have pretty solid colors. I sandwiched the flag inside the fold of the bias tape and sewn close to the edge.

We put up ours in our craft/music/dining room. Can't wait to make more for the wedding.


  1. nice! i love that bunting has become popular because it is so pretty and happy :)

  2. Beautiful! I'm getting married in three months and have been planning on making some bunting as well in our colors. Yours are so pretty and inspire me to get going on the project soon!


  3. love bunting! i made some for our wedding and plan to make some for the kitchen! its all white and could use some color!