Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hooray for the weekend! Do you have anything special planned?

On my inspiration board at home I have daily suggestions (called
Learn More, Do More) and I thought I would share some with you
 today.  Maybe you can do one/or all with me? They're pretty 
simple I promise.
Here's 3 suggestions for your weekend:

 * Smile more and complain less  

* Say hi to someone you don't know

* Send a real, honest to goodness letter in the mail to an old friend.

And a suggestion from me: 

* Paint a toy dinosaur! It brightens up your shelf and your day!

Happy Weekend friends! 


  1. thanks...I am all about sending the happy mail, that is so me...have a fabby weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  2. I love those ideas, especially the one about sending a letter... I've gotten bad about that lately! Have a great day! :)

  3. We don't have any dinosaurs around (just lots of dolls!) but yours is so cute! Great suggestions.

  4. RAWR! Have a great weekend, girl. ;-)

  5. Stopping by from Comment Love day! I love the suggestions. I am always trying to complain less. I have always loved the idea of an inspiration board, but I have yet to just take the time to make my own.

  6. GREAT tips for the weekend, love them!

    Your blog is lovely :)
    Stopping by via FTLOB!