Friday, August 5, 2011


In honor of Shark week I'm sharing my favorite shark items!


1.  I swear one day I will have a wall full of Berkley Illustration prints! This great white is all business.
2. Dexter definitely needs this shark pet sleeping bag! He loves burrowing under blankets, this would be perfect and hilarious. 
3. I would love for this great white trash can to gulp down my trash! 
4. When I see this soap I can't help but hear the Jaws song in my head. 
5. A shark on a bike? Yes please!!
6. This oven mitt is not found on etsy, but we sell this gem here at the felt bird! In the words of Riley, "Oh man this cookie sheet is really hot...AHHHHH SHARK!" 

Have a lovely Friday! Stay away from sharks. 


  1. I *adore* Berkley Illustration. I bought a raccoon print when I came to the shop for your grand opening, and it's one of my favorites. I still crack up sometimes when I look at it. ;-)