Monday, August 22, 2011

Make It // bow

A cute bow goes a long way! These bows are easy to make and are a great way to use up your extra fabric scraps. You can choose any size you like. I’ll be showing you a 3x5 bow.
You will need:
needle and thread
1. Cut out 2 3x5 pieces of fabric and 1 2x3 piece 
of fabric.
2. Sew the 2 bigger pieces, right sides together, 
either by machine or hand. Leave 2 inch space open. 
3. Turn fabric right side out. I'm using a chopstick 
to push out the corners. 
4. Pin and sew shut the 2 inch space. 
5. Get your 2x3 piece of fabric and fold in both sides.
 6.Cinch your bow together and wrap the 2x3 fabric 
around the center.
7. Sew the center fabric together with your needle
and thread. 

And we're done! You can add an alligator clip 
to the back to create a hair clip. There is 
so much you can do with a fabric bow, for example: 
a headband, shoe clips, necklace, and name a few!
Happy making! 


  1. Thank you! this is really helpful!
    school is about to begin and I wanted to make for my daughter something like this for her uniform. (it is a navy dress with white shirt) a navy bow would look nice!

  2. Those would be cute for so many ideas! I like the hair clip and brooch ideas you mentioned :)

  3. Nice! Love that mustard color!

  4. What a precious little bow! I love the color of it too.


  5. super cute & easy!
    i think this is something i can tackle.
    thanks for sharing :)


  6. cute diy!!!! A lot of my friends are having baby girls soon...I may put this to good use!!! Love the blog btw!!!

  7. Cute! Very nice tutorial. :) :) Now if only I knew how to sew...... :PP Sea Marie

  8. I love the color of this bow! So simple yet so adorable!


  9. Look at your cute lil fingers!! ha! Loving this tutorial, thanks for sharing :)