Monday, September 19, 2011

Make it!

Happy Monday everyone! I was away this weekend so I didn't get a chance to create a project to share with you. However, I am sharing with you other diys that I love! 
While I was shopping this weekend I noticed most stores had these cute headbands. Now you can make your own! 
Polaroid Magnetic Frame
This is such a great idea for your photos! 
Friendship Bracelets
I love layering bracelets and what better bracelet to layer than a
friendship bracelet? This diy shows you how to create the classic 
chevron pattern.
Chalkboard Talk Bubble
This fun little project is great for photos and events! So cute.
Lace Patterned Coffee Table
A coffee table has never looked so dainty and pretty! 
Happy Making! 


  1. I love chalkboards!! I wanted to turn a whole area of my wall into a magnetic chalkboard, then I saw how much it was gonna cost, so I talked myself out of it :(

    I like the friendship bracelet pic! I remember making tons of them. Ah to be young again haha NOT

  2. These are all great!
    Have a great week!

  3. Great collection of tutorials, thank you!

  4. Those are great! I love the talk bubble. How do people come up with these fun ideas?

  5. They are all great, thank you for sharing!! Wishing you a great week!!

  6. I love the friendship bracelets!

  7. Love the polaroid frame :) And I remember making those friendship bracelets as a kid!

  8. LOVE all of these... and that thought bubble made me smile. ;)

  9. I like the Polaroid magnets, so different and once so common! Thanks for sharing these DIY projects.

  10. Great tutorials girlie! I used to make those friendship bracelets all the time when I was younger :) They are so fun! Hope you had a great trip to Dallas!

  11. Lots of great ideas here! The friendship bracelets are really taking me back to 5th grade. :)

  12. I love these ideas! I actually just posted on how I wish I had room to renovate furniture...hopefully someday! But I definitely can make that headband. Too cute!

    Hope you're having a fabulous Monday my dear!


  13. I love all the ideas. I am so into the idea of making friendship bracelets again like I did when I was 10 years old!

  14. These are all awesome! Sucks that I JUST bought some magnetic Polaroid frames. Why am I such a buyer and not a maker? Guess it keeps people like you in business, though!