Tuesday, October 11, 2011

random facts about Stela!
(Riley caught me taking pictures of myself!)
1. I'm a crier. If a movie, show, or book is just a tiny bit sad or touching I will be sitting there crying. I will sometimes cry when listening to a song. That being said, I'm definitely going to cry my eyes out at our wedding this Saturday. I know Riley will be singing me a song. I cry when he plays me a new song he wrote! Oh man, I'm in trouble.

2. My real name is Estela, named after my grandmother. 

3. I'm a Mexican-American and I don't know how to speak Spanish.This bummed out my college roommates who took spanish courses. 

4. I love beards. Especially Riley's. Riley was thinking about getting rid of his and I kinda freaked out.

5. I learned how to draw people by tracing Betty, Veronica and Archie from the Archie comics when I was a kid.

What are some random facts about you? Please share! 
Have a lovely Tuesday



  1. What a fun idea! Hm..

    1. Doing math problems helps me relax.

    2. I've lived in Oregon or Washington my whole life except when I moved to Alabama for graduate school. When I arrived in the Atlanta airport, I didn't know anyone within 3000 miles, had never seen my apartment, had no car, and was painfully shy. I got over being shy in a hurry.

    3. I love dogs! We have adopted most of our dogs from local rescue groups or shelters.

  2. Great post! And I love the photos :)

    Random fact...I work night shift at a factory making semi transmissions! No joke...I'm at work right now :)

  3. You are so beautiful! These pictures are so cute, too, lol!

    I am also a crier... but I havent' always been. It just developed in the past year or two, I think since I had my son. It's weird, and I always try and hide it, lol!

    I think Estela is such a pretty name!

  4. Cute photos! Don't worry about getting teary-eyed at your wedding; you won't be the only one. Also, that's why we have waterproof makeup!

    Random fact about me: I love British mysteries. I'm really like an 80-year-old lady...would much rather stay home, watch Agatha Christie and craft, than go out and party. :) xo, Mary

  5. aww I am such a crier and expected to be an emotional mess on my wedding day, but I was way too happy and excited. I just couldn't stop smiling the whole day!

    p.s. I finally found a wreath to decorate. I am now slightly obsessed with making felt rosettes and want to put them on everything! :)

  6. awww these are great! i didn't use to be a crier until i worked with kids, now i'm such a mush!

  7. Those are neat random facts about you. Helps us know you a bit better.

    Have a wonderful wedding!!!

  8. how adorable! I love getting to know more about bloggers! :) Here are some random facts about moi:
    1. I can translate Old English texts to modern English.
    2. I want to open a bakery/ cafe one day
    3. I detest household chores. like crazy detest.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  9. Very interesting!

    Random Fact: I may be the only male who comments on your blog.

  10. I love beards, too! Part of the reason I started seeing Ross was because of his beard. Now, I don't know what I'd do if he got rid of it.

    Also-- I'm half mexican, too! I don't know Spanish and the only mexican food I like is my mema's!

    Some random things about me:

    1. I watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon while I craft. I'm a sucker for tween comedies.

    2. Sometimes if I'm in a shopping mood but don't want to spend any cash-- I feel like if I carry around something in the store long enough, I will get tired of it and put it down before I buy it.

    3. I used quotes from Up & Toy Story 3 & Winnie the Pooh in my vows to Ross. I had to read it over and over out loud ahead of time to help me keep from crying.

  11. Thank you guys for sharing your random facts! They are so much fun to read!

  12. I can pick things up with my feet :)

    Thank you for sharing your randomness! :)

  13. Seriously, though, you guys are adorable here.

    I was actually wondering if you pronounced your name "STELL-uh" or "STAY-la" the other day, because of the one L. The Mexicanness makes me think it's "STAY-la", too, but maybe you Americanized it. Isn't it great knowing that the pronunciation of your name keeps me up at night?

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  15. Hahaha, oh Katie, you crack me up!!
    It's pronounced STELL-UH. I like Stayla though, that's pretty fun!

  16. I am so excited for the two of you! Have an amazing day on Saturday! I hope it's pure bliss!

    ...random facts... my dad is a pilot and I HATE to fly, but almost became a flight attendant for a career... i don't really like music in general, but every once in a while, something hits me just right and I quickly become addicted.... I wait for Easter all year, because it's the only holiday where my husband will let me eat Peeps :D I ate a box of Peeps every day I could (which was a LOT,) while I was pregnant with my son... I am afraid of watching 80's movies because I don't want to get stuck watching Molly Ringwald in ANYTHING.... I live in Texas and I hate to sweat. for. any. reason.

    There... :) I feel better!



  17. Haha, what a riot! You guys have decided to share the most peculiar little facts!
    Weird dreams tonight, I feel them coming...

    Let's see!

    1. I'm Cuban (at this point, I think I can add: "American" to that) and my Spanish is better than my English.

    2. I fold receipts into paper boats compulsively.

    3. I can't bring myself to pop a balloon. Not because of the sound, but because I (as well as my husband) consider them friends. It would feel like murder.

  18. I love beards too! When my boyfriend talks of shaving I freak out as well. We've made a deal that as long as he has SOME facial hair I'm okay. It gets really hot in New Orleans, I gotta give him a break sometimes right?