Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This past weekend was the craft show I was participating in and it was a blast! I haven't done a show in a year and this made me miss doing them. I'll definitely be doing a lot more next year. It was just so fun to meet and hang out with other handmade artists, and of course, sell my stelabird goods! If you live in Tulsa and missed the show you can still find stelabird owl pillows at Dwelling SpacesSadly, I didn't take any pictures! But I did find this photo on Indie Emporium's facebook page...
One thing I always tend to buy at craft shows is rings! I love that they
are one of a kind and I really don't need an excuse to buy rings. I love them.
Here are some rings I got at Indie Emporium as well as some cool earrings! 
1. This fabulous rings comes from Bifftastica! I love the light blue and gold together.
2. This beauty comes from Drifter. I've been wanting a long ring like this for a while and I haven't found the perfect one, until this one! 
3. This adorable cross stitch ring comes from Amity Treasures. Jackie sells her awesome jewelry at my boutique so I've always been such a fan of her work! 
4. I switched it up and got these earrings from Sunshine and Carousels! They were too cool to pass up. Erin also sells at our boutique so I'm a big SAC fan! 
Rings are my favorite!! 


  1. How cute! And I love those rings. So glad you had fun. :)

  2. I want to steal ALL your rings!!! Great choices.

  3. love the bifftastica ring you picked up! i hope to see you at more shows next year! also i need to get up to the felt bird asap and check out all your new stuff!

  4. Those are some really cool rings! I love the cross stitch one.

  5. Love those earrings!!

  6. Oooooh, I love that shot of your ring collection. I forget to wear my accessories about half the time, but I wouldn't if I had some of those!

  7. Great job at the craft show! Good for you!!! :D

  8. I love ring too! And yours are really neat! I invite you to see few eyecandies here:

    Have fun, Stela~!


  9. very cool - what a great space to hold a show! Hope this means you'll do more? With the regular store, probably hard to make craft fairs....

  10. Thanks guys!!

    That's why I took a break last year from stelabird because I couldn't balance running the shop and preparing and going to shows. But I've figured it out and I believe I can do it again! haha