Sunday, November 13, 2011

Song on Repeat // Mourning Doves

The song on repeat today is a song by my husband, Riley Jantzen!
The song is called Mourning Doves and it's my absolute favorite song to date!
He wrote this song when we returned home from getting our mourning dove feather tattoos. This is also the song he sang for me at our wedding
Our wedding rings were made by Someplace Elsewhere and we had her engrave inside our rings one of the lyrics to the Mourning Dove song: we are all I need.
Please have a listen and enjoy!
If you'd like to hear Riley's new album Feathers in its entirety, click HERE!
You'll soon be able to find it on iTunes, Spotify and many other music websites.


  1. wow - love this song - love his voice - definitely my kind of music. so lovely - my boyfriend wants the song like NOW. :)


  2. Aaaw you guys are so sweet, and I love the song too!

  3. I really may die from the sweetness of this post. My boyfriend is always trying to get us record songs together, and I'm always getting embarrassed and shying away. But OMG, the lyrics in the rings . . .

    Great song, too!

  4. His voice is AMAZING! I love this song. Love your rings Stela! Your posts are always so beautiful and filled with LOVE. I love that. :D

  5. loving this! I love checking out new music i havent heard before.. nice!!