Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Favors & Dessert Table

We got our wedding photos and that means it's time to share them with you!! Today I'm showing photos of our wedding favors and our dessert table. 
We had a small wedding ceremony and then afterwards we had cupcakes and drinks with our friends and family.

As our wedding favors we gave homemade salsa and a cd with Riley's songs to me over the years. We used my illustration of us on the cover of the cd envelope, which we also used for the invitations. I also drew what was on the cd itself (Confession: I didn't draw on them individually. We were able to print the images on them with our magical printer). 
And remember when we were painting jar lids? There they are in action! 

My lovely cousin Cynthia made the delicious cupcakes for us. We had chocolate, vanilla bean and pumpkin cupcakes. 

The wedding ceremony started at 2 so it was fun to wake up and have breakfast with everyone and set up everything. I'm very happy we had a store that we could borrow our tables and displays from! 
Tomorrow I'll be sharing photos of our bridesmaids & groomsmen! 
Have a lovely Monday

photo credit: CK Photography


  1. i love that you gave out salsa and cds! and the tables look so beautiful

  2. I love how intimate and personal everything is. Fall weddings are the best! Pumpkin decor and pumpkin cupcakes–can't beat that.

  3. How sweet was your wedding!?! I love how quaint and not over the top the little details were! Congrats.

  4. Your reception looks so cute! I love the cupcakes, and homemade salsa favors was such an original idea! And thanks for the sweet comment:)

  5. That's awesome Stela! Love Salsa!!! I think the cd is soooo cute. And don't even mention CUPPY CAKES! YUM! Thanks for sharing this! :D

  6. You guys were so clever! The favors are perfect (homemade goodies and music- two of my favorite things!) and your food table looks great too. That was a good idea for pleasing everyone in the food department, because who doesn't love cupcakes?

  7. I love this! so original and crafty! :) and those cupcakes looked yummyyy :)

  8. I love this! so original and crafty! :) and those cupcakes looked yummyyy :)

  9. That looks like so much fun. So pretty and creative. xo, rv

  10. Awww what fun ideas! Pumpkin cupcakes sound soooo good by the way :)

  11. LOVE THIS - great idea and it looks adorable! (love love the CD idea)

    and SO happy I found your blog - you have a new bloglovin follower!


  12. I love your ideas!!! We did cds too and they were a hit for the following 2 years. Everyone would always tell us how much they liked it.
    I love the cupcakes! They sound so yummy!!!

    Don't know how i found you but i love your blog!