Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I love...

I absolutely love vintage sewing books!
The fashion design major in me bursted at the seams (see what I did there? oh yea I did) when my friend showed me these books she found at local thrift stores. The Complete Book of Sewing on the left is from the 50s and the Vogue Sewing book is from 1970. I stopped listening to everyone around me when I opened up the Vogue Sewing Book. The illustrations were so fascinating. 
I did some searching, because I need this book in my life, and found a few on
etsy! I'll definitely be getting my own in the foreseeable future!

What are you loving today?


  1. Those vintage sewing books are fabulous. I loved the designs back then. I just don't have the patience for sewing. haha

  2. Those are wonderful. I caught the name of one of the sleeves "Leg of Mutton". How funny! I have a couple of 1970 quilt magazines from my Grandma that I love to browse through. I wish I had more of them.

  3. Very cool! love this!

  4. These look wonderful! I need to take a sewing class. I have a sewing machine, and I'm trying so hard to get better at it. The other night, I decided to make infinity scarves and I was lost in all of the many fabric choices... fabric is my new yarn. Time to start hoarding :)

  5. These are awesome. I love all the illustrations of the different types of collars especially. :)

  6. I am loving your blog right now, It always inspires me to get crafty! Thank you for showing that us midwesterners have style.

  7. Oh I love vintage sewing books too! I have some vintage Lane Bryant catalogs from the 30s and 40s that I'll have to show you! The illustrations are stunning! You would love them :)

    Posted this earlier on my blog about things I'm lovin'...

    1. I would love to see those catalogs! Sounds amazing!

  8. I love a good vintage knitting magazine, and anything that looks kid-friendly. so kitsch!

  9. oh I love vintage sewing books!! I also found some vintage cookbooks a couple of months back and they're pretty amazing too!

    Here's what I'm loving these days, or rather, who I'm loving these days:

    Great blog btw. Really enjoying it!


  10. I love vintage fashion books too especially if they are of baby fashion!