Monday, January 16, 2012

Make It // Wood Mushrooms

This is my first Make It of 2012! I'm going to show you how to make 
cute little wood mushrooms! They are easy to make and look adorable on bookshelves.
We like to call them bookshelf enhancers. 
Let's get started!
You will need:
wood candle cup (available in craft stores)
wood split ball (available in craft stores)
White paint marker
paint brush
acrylic paint
1. First we are going to glue the split ball to the candle cup. 
Let it dry for a few minutes. 
2. Get your acrylic paint and start painting the top of your mushroom.
Let it dry and add a second coat. 
3. After the paint is dry it's time to add dots to the mushroom top
with your paint marker.
That's it! We're done! So simple and speedy to make. 
These little guys are ready to look cute on your shelves! 

Happy Making!


  1. really cute!
    thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

  2. What a darling idea. These would be perfect for birthday party decorations. xo, rv

  3. well they are adorable! and i like the term bookshelf enhancer....

  4. These are adorable and look simple and fun to make.

  5. Cuuuute! It's a little woodland scene on your shelf!

  6. So adorable and a fun project, thank you:)

  7. such a cute and simple idea! Totally doing this when I find those wooden supplies.

  8. so cute and so simple!! love!

  9. These are super cute and so easy! Thanks for the great photos and instructions.

  10. Very cute!!

    If only I had space on my bookshelves...LOL

  11. Those are super cute!!! Fun and whimsical. :) Great for adding color too!

  12. Oh wow, those are too cute! :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. such a cute DIY! hope you are well :)

  14. Those are so cute and clever! I'm totally going to remember this one.

  15. THESE little guys are DARLING! They are like new little friends! Ha!

    thanks for sharing with us; maybe we will make these Friday night at my daughter's bday party!

  16. These are TOO CUTE! I adore them. They would look so cute in a grouping on a shelf, and they would also make super cute drawer knobs. Great job!

  17. So adorable. I love these cute mushrooms!

  18. This is extremely cute! So colorful and fun. Great DIY.

    I am now a new follower.

  19. What an adorable tutorial! The little mushrooms look so cute on your shelf. Looks fun and easy, too!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Erin from EtsyBlogTeam :)

  20. I'm back to let you know that I have included your awesome tutorial in a tutorial round up on my blog today. Enjoy and have a great day!
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