Tuesday, May 1, 2012

behind the scenes

Sunday and Monday are my days off from our shop so those are my
errands, sewing, going out of town or being lazy days. Yesterday got to
be my sewing day. We rent a one bedroom historic home built in the early 1900s. I absolutely love it. But since there isn't much space we made our
dining room work as a workspace too. When I'm sewing, Dexter loves to either
sit under my sewing table or on the window seat. See him lying over there to the right? That's also where I take my Make It photos! 
My sewing project yesterday was making more zipper pouches for 
my boutique. You can learn how to make your own here
And that my friends, is where I make things...and eat.

What's your workspace like?
Happy May 1st! 


  1. love your sewing nook.... adorable!


  2. I love looking into other crafters work spaces :)
    Thanks for sharing yours! It looks very inviting. Like
    I could walk in and join you in a sewing project!

  3. What a great workspace! I read through your tutorial, and it's a great one- easy to follow. Coincidentally, this is the exact project I'm stuck on in my Project sewing 101 book. I can't quite make the corners where the zipper ends look nice and folded in like that when I flip it inside out. So frustrating! Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong- why the outside fabric gets caught and mangled.

  4. What a gorgeous house! I would loooooove find something with that kind of character. And look at the glass doors on that built-in! Le sigh.

    Anyway, that's a smart use of space, and it looks like the room is pretty big for doing double-duty. I have my office in the guest room, so I know how it goes!

  5. My workspace is the exact same. My dining room transforms into a sewing room... I dream of the day I have an ACTUAL sewing room.

    Love the blog, dear. I discovered you from Caroline's blog. {I'm sponsoring her too!}

  6. Your home is just as creative as your shop :) I love it!
    That is such a perfect place for Dexter to hang out while you work ♥ :)

  7. What a lovely workspace, and a neat one. Mine isn't that neat and not that well organized. I love the decoration!

  8. I LOVE your workspace! The color of the wood coupled with that green is perfect! I shared my newly arranged one a few weeks ago and am thrilled with the changes. Sometimes, revamping is all you need to get re-inspired :)

  9. Your house is beautiful! It reminds me a lot of ours with the wood work and open archways between rooms. I shared some photos yesterday of my storage areas. Typically I making jewelry while sitting on the sofa, and I have a little table near the TV in the basement for paper crafts.

  10. That seems like quite a large and beautiful one bedroom! I would love to create in that space. My workspace right now is sort of my whole apartment-haha-but hopefully we'll be moving this summer to something with at least one extra room where I can put all my crafty stuff. :)

  11. What an adorable space! You can just feel creative energy just looking at these pictures.

  12. Your dog lying in the window seat is definitely the cutest thing I've seen all day. Your space is super cute too! Love how you made it work. Your apartment looks gorgeous!

  13. what a great creative space...I have a separate art studio behind my house. Since I love so many different crafts, is works out great...since I have so much "stuff". lol

  14. Great post! I especially like the way the cotton threads are hanging so tydily on the wall!

  15. I love your hardwood floors and the pretty wood doorways, Old homes are cozy and full of character. Love the pops of color around your space!

  16. Hi! New reader :) Love all the pretty wood in your home! Also love that bunting, I've been meaning to make some! When I start my blog (soooon) I will have to do a workspace post!