Thursday, May 24, 2012

life lately

This land we belong to is grand. (I love Oklahoma)
Dexter is playing at the dog park with his buddy Boomer.
New necklaces at our local boutique. My fav is the compass! 
Constantly trying new red wines. We decided to try this one because on the back it said "with a velvet finish like a jazz solo 'round midnight". Ah! So corny! I must try it! It was pretty good too. 
One of my favorite eateries in Enid is Port Lugano. I always get the tomato basil soup and pasta salad. And you always get a chocolate covered strawberry! Yum! 
Dexter and I relaxing on the porch while we watch husband make the lawn a little more presentable. And this was the last photo of Dexter's long hairdo! 
Oh Grandma, you were such a sweet little cat.
We bought this. I couldn't pass it up. A couple years ago Husband found a wood burning of a buff unicorn at a thrift shop and rescued it. Now we have a wood burning of grandma the cat. We are slowly starting a collection of random and awful-ly charming wood burning art. 
RICE KRISPIE TREATS in the making! 
Naked Dexter giving me the give me some krispie treats mom look.
I'd assume Dexter would call me mom. He better not call me Stela! 
But anyways, yea, he's being Mr. Beggy Begs-a-lot. 


  1. Harley also knows that Mr. Beggy look all too well :)
    Yum to your wine and lunch!

  2. What lovely pictures of your lately. Oklahoma seems beautiful, I have never been.
    I love visiting quaint little shops that have sweet treasures like that.
    That porch is where I wish I could be. Looks like a sunny spot perfect for reading and knitting. (I don't have a porch right now)
    Oh the rice krispies ... looks yum! I'm with Dexter on that one ;)

  3. Dexter looks so different with his haircut!

  4. Yes!! I love that you have a collection of random woodburnings. That. Is awesome. :)

  5. Cute doggies! And that food looks so good. :)

  6. We definitely pretend that our cat would call us Mom and Dad, too. She's also a little beggar (though we don't do much to discourage it). The food all looks delicious! Love the wine message.

  7. yum...tomato soup and I love seeing doggy summer-dos lol. They always look so embarassed :)

  8. Awh...great life! You're sucking me in and away from mine which has been way too full of bigtime work lately. I need to find time to chill and bake a bit more:)

  9. I can not believe how different Dexter looks shaved!!! Awww...and his friend boomer is adorbs:)

    That lunch out looks divine, simply perfect.

    And that land is beautiful Stela, I love when we can appreciate the land around us.