Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me in my new warby parker glasses and my mom in her glasses from the 80's. Twins!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Husband and I had a busy weekend with family. Yesterday we went to our 9 year old niece's birthday party, today we spent all day with my mom and family for Mother's Day, and tomorrow we are heading to my father-in-law's farm to hang out with him and do a little bit of fishing and outdoorsy stuff. I'm so thankful we live close to our family and are able to spend time with them.
I don't have a lot of time to blog at the moment so I'll be returning in the next couple of days! I'll miss you! But you can always follow me on instagram (username stelabird) cause I'm always sharing photos. 
Isn't my mom adorable?! 


  1. Great photo! Now that we live in Milwaukee, we're lucky to be close to a lot of family, too. Good luck with everything this week.

  2. you both look great. my daughter wouldn't be caught dead in glasses like mine...I wear half-glasses for reading. lol

  3. Awh, sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend:)

  4. So cute! I definitely see a family resemblance. You are lucky you live close to your family. I don't live near anyone in my family. It's tough because we have to pick and choose who to fly out to see for holidays, and we don't end up seeing anyone nearly enough.