Thursday, June 14, 2012

life lately

I'm so bad at blogging and reading blogs in the warm months! 
My above photos pretty much sum up my past 2 weeks of
relaxing, eating, drinking, and relaxing! 
We live a simple life. 

1. I mentioned numerous times how husband sings to Dexter and little dog will sing along. Well, here's a shot of that happening! 
2. Attached to Enid's dog park is a little lake for the dogs to play in during the warm months. We love throwing his ball in the water for him to fetch. 
3. I love sitting on the balcony at one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Enid. I also love that it's only 2 blocks from our home. 
4. I love rainy days.
5. Watching the OKC Thunder game with my boys.
6. We find lots of pigeon feathers around our shop downtown, so we've started collecting them. 
7. I felt like a girl with my lace top, pretty vintage blue ring and peach nail polish. Most days I'm wearing boy shirts.
8. We've moved my sewing machine to the shop so I can make stuff during the slow parts of the day. I love having it there. 
9. Enjoying some delicious mexican food & beer! Any chance to eat outside on their patio we do!
10. For movie night we watched We Bought a Zoo. It was really good and it made me cry! However, I think that little boy fell in love a little too fast! But after thinking that I remember saying I love you at 14! Yikes! 
11. I LOVE this ring. It can get a little dangerous though.
12. I love white wine in the summer. It's just so cold and refreshing! One of my faves is A to Z Pinot Gris
13. Found a hawk feather outside our home and while trying to take a picture Dexter snuck in the shot to smell what I was holding. 
14. Another current favorite summer drink of mine are the starbucks refreshers. 
15. I love spending at least one of my days off being super lazy on the couch, reading and snuggling my pup.
16. Our shop sidewalk sign is Thundered Up! 
17. Little dog cooling off his feet in a water bowl at the dog park.
18. Our lovely little shop in downtown Enid, OK! 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Lucky you with the warm months - Sweden still feels like, um, early April or something! :'( Except there is no snow, but just over a week ago the temperature was +1 degree C in the morning, just above freezing. *cries* The trees are finally blossoming now but it's so super super slooooow!

  2. Lovely stuff! I'm with you- most days I'm in workout clothes most of the day & then pjs for the remainder! I feel very special when I have the occasion to look like a girl too. I bet it's so nice to get to be crafty at work too:)

  3. Life lately looks pretty amazing :) There's nothing better than time spent with those we love...doing what we love...and enjoying a good glass of wine with it all!

    Harley would be in the water bowl with Dexter too! He has his own swimming pool so we can keep him out of the water dish...LOL :)

  4. Hahaha, "for you and people you actually like." You crack me up.

  5. I wish we had such warm weather as you do!
    Good idea to move your sewing machine to your shop :)

  6. Love all this! I loved that movie, it made me cry so much too! :)

  7. Love all this too! Here in Portugal the weather is so uncertain, today is dark and cold, I want the Summer!!

  8. one of my very best friends is from enid. :) i've never been there, but.... i hear good things.

  9. I love the warmer months, too! It's so great to enjoy summer drinks and eating outdoors. I'm glad that things are going well. :)

  10. Awww I love #17 so much! The bird ring is really pretty too. :)

  11. I could eat Mexican Food EVERYDAY, especially chips and salsa. Love to find feathers, I'm sure you will put them to good creative use ;)

  12. Sewing at the shop sounds like a great idea! Also love the pic of the dog with his feet in the water bowl. :)