Monday, July 16, 2012

Make It // Donut Keychain

It's Monday and that means...Make It!  
 I'm going to share with you how to make a felt donut keychain.
 It's going to be cute and simple to create!
Let's get started! 
You will need:
donut pattern
needle & thread
beads (for sprinkles!)
jump ring
We looked around to see what I could use as my donut pattern and this is
what we found: a bobbin of solder and a penny. The bobbin measures 2"
First, cut out 2 pieces of donut (tan) felt and 1 piece of frosting (pink) felt.
Fold the pink felt in half and cut to create the frosting. 
Put your frosting felt on top of one of your donut felts and attach by
stitching them together. 
Now it's time to add the sprinkles! 
Oh so cute! Now it's time to get your other piece of donut felt to attach to
the bottom of your donut top. 
Attach the 2 pieces together by stitching through the smaller hole first. 
As you may notice I forgot that step originally and starting stitching the outside first. So...stitch the center circle before that! 
After you've stitched it together by the center circle then start stitching the outside together. Leave a little opening!
You'll want to stop and leave an opening! This will be for the ribbon. 
Get your ribbon and place it around your jump ring. 
Place your ribbon in the opening of the donut and stitch it up!
And there you have it friends! Your very own little felt donut keychain!
Wasn't that easy and fun?
Oooh, look at it in action! Just sittin' being a little felt donut keychain. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
Happy making! 


  1. That is adorable, Stela!
    I love the pink "icing" :)

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