Friday, August 3, 2012


This Oklahoma shaped doormat is amazing! You can find it at my favorite shop in Tulsa, Dwelling Spaces! It also happens to be the place where I did my internship during college, which helped me gain knowledge in running a shop of my own! 
Yes! Love this DIY! I would love to do the colors I used on my magnets for the clock. I want to have a wall full of these clocks!
Guys! We've been using these little ketchup cups all wrong!! 
You know what though, I never used all the ketchup in the little guy so I don't even know if I would need to make it as big as it can go. But, I suppose it's nice to have options. Were you aware of this cup expansion? 
Since we're thinking about ketchup how amazing do these Lemon Rosemary Baked Fries look?! I actually wouldn't recommend eating them with ketchup. I bet they taste amazing on their own! I LOVE POTATOES! 
*Little side note time!
**Our shop is having our First Friday event tonight!
If you live in or around Enid we hope you come hang out with us! We'll have live music, punch, cookies and wine! Wooo!
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I believe that is it for side notes!

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. nope. didn't know about the ketchup cup expansion! (I like mustard and WOULD use it for that!)
    Rosemary fries! YUM! I make rosemary butter by softening butter at room temp, chopping up fresh rosemary finely, and then mixing. Roll into balls and store in the freezer.

  2. lemon rosemary fried? girl, you are speaking my language! I love potatoes a little too much

  3. Hungry now! lol! Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  4. I pinned those rosemary fries, too! Yesssssss!

    And no, I didn't know the ketchup cups expand! Definitely telling Hubsey.

  5. your pics are so fun!! yummy to look at. I know what I am trying next time I get ketchup....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have fun at First Friday!

  6. Oh, I hope you have a fun & successful first friday! Those fries look amazing, I'm bookmarking it to make this weekend:) Also, I really want to make a room full of those clocks too!

  7. That mat is SO cute! I would love one shaped like Texas!

  8. Oh boy, I see ketchup in my future! The french fries sound yummy! I wonder if the door mat was shaped like the Hawaii islands, and I stepped on it, would I be in the ocean? Just a thought :)

  9. Lovely items but I'm invariably drawn to the food....

  10. I had no idea about the ketchup cup expansion capabilities!:) Tucker always grabs a plastic lid that is for drinks and fills it up with ketchup...he eats a lot of ketchup.

  11. Save the pregnant one a cookies for tonight!

  12. Your first friday event sounds awesome. Love the door mat and clock diy too! I can't imagine why anyone would need that much ketchup, but it's still a pretty neat design that they can expand like that. xoxo

  13. The fries look amazing! I hope that your event goes well!

  14. Hello! I found your blog in Blog Hop. I am your new follower. Drop by on my blog and say hello.

  15. Had no idea about the cup expansion.. OMG I need to find a cup now to expand, so coool. Hope First Friday was a success! Kind of have the feeling it was a blast though :) xo

  16. In love with that last photo.. cookies are the best!

    found the route

  17. i do love that clock! so simple and yet so striking. a really fun diy.