Monday, February 18, 2008

Riley VS. Estela

Last night Riley downloaded Street Fighter 2 on his xbox. It brought back such delightful memories for both of us. I remember when it came out my older sister and I would always play it. Not only did we play the video game we also decided it would be cool to act out the fights. We would go to my parents room and bring out the street fighter in us. Fake punching noises and all. One day we were both Chun-Li getting our fake fight on when Cristina accidently (I don't believe it was on accident) thunder kicked me in the face! When I gathered my thoughts I noticed my mouth was bleeding and I no longer had my front tooth. It was a baby tooth so it was bound to go, and I'm glad I lost it in battle.
I'm proud to say I totally kicked Riley's ass last night. I'm awesome. I yelled at him at one point because he was the guy with the long arms and legs and he kept sliding over and over which is super annoying! I hate when someone only does one move the whole time. I felt bad for yelling since he didn't win that game anyway. I was Chun-Li the whole time and he was Blanka most of the time. We joked that we looked like our fighters. A hairy monster and asian with buns on her head. Totally us.
I love street fighter!


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