Thursday, May 29, 2008

cupcake snatcher

This is the new framed wall art I put in my etsy shop today. It's the jailbird that steals cupcakes. I couldn't get a closer view without me being in the picture because of the glass. Any suggestions on how to reduce that?

New Wolf Parade album comes out June 17!! I want to see them in Dallas in July but I don't think I'll be able to go.

Have a wonderful night


  1. very cute! can you just crop the picture closer? thats what i usually do on my photos. if you have a photo editing program cropping should solve the problem.

  2. Oh! That is really cute. I love to see what fellow etsians are working on!

  3. Maybe if you wanna next time before you frame just scan the image. You should always do that at a higher DPI
    to insure you get every gory detail. Then add an additional pic with the framed image. Or if you wanna go photoshop crazy take a pic of the frame separately and layer the image on top.